Ultimate frisbee adventures

Ultimate frisbee adventures

Upgrades and Modifications for Your Pop-Top Caravan

Irene Hansen

Pop-top caravans offer many benefits to campers. The problem for some campers is the lack of customized options and plain design of many pop tops out there. If you are looking for ways to modify or upgrade your pop top, here are a few to consider. These upgrades can benefit you on future camping trips and help you to feel a little more at home, even when you are off the grid.

Outside Eating

One of the easiest upgrades or modifications to do to your pop-top caravan is to offer yourself outside eating options. You can do this with an outback kit that allows you to install a drop-down table area. When the pop top is in motion or is stored, the drop-down table simply folds back into the side and latches in place. When you are ready to use it, unlatch it and let it drop down. These are usually held in place with hinges and have a stabilizing bar to keep them in place when in use.

Pet Carriers

If you already have a bench-style seating or bed conversion area in your pop top, then you can make a simple upgrade that is ideal for pets. In the underside of the seating area, you will have an empty space. Convert this empty space into built-in pet carriers. You can outfit them with an LED light, a simple but upgraded latching carrier door and comforting pillows or blankets for your pets. This keeps them safe when you arrive at your campsite and gives them a comfortable place to sleep at night.

Full Kitchen Area

You may not think that you can have a fully functional kitchen are in your pop top, but with a few changes, you can. There are many smaller appliances on the market that can easily fit into older pop-top caravans in the current sink or kitchen areas. These appliances can give you two burner cookers, a small oven, microwave and sink. They can be placed by professional caravan contractors and installed within as little as a day.

These are just a few of the modifications and upgrades you can apply to your pop-top caravan. If you are ready to get started, visit your local caravan supply store or home improvement store. They can help you with pop-top caravans that may already have these modifications and upgrades, or they can help you with getting the materials together for the upgrades you want.


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