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Ultimate frisbee adventures

Follow These Steps Before Buying Second Hand Firearms

Irene Hansen

For both new and experienced firearm users, purchasing second hand firearms can be a great way of saving on costs while obtaining a great piece for hunting, practicing or using as a collectible. It is also easier to obtain a used gun than one that is fresh from the factory.

However, there are certain important steps you must take to make sure you're obtaining safe, quality second hand firearms. Follow these steps to ensure that your hard-earned money is going to the right place.

Know the previous owners

There are several channels through which you can obtain second hand firearms. These include online marketplaces, gun stores, gun shows and pawn shops. In all these channels, you should take some time to know where the firearm is coming from.

Ask questions about any previous owners and what they used the gun for. This is a great away to avoid purchasing faulty or potentially illegal firearms. If buying online, make sure you're dealing with a reputable marketplace where you can submit complaints and get a refund for any faulty products.

Carry out some research on the type of firearm

You may encounter second hand firearms that look appealing but that you know very little about. Make sure you take some time to carry out research online or by asking any gun specialists that you know. Note the make of the firearm, where it's from and what it was designed for.

You should also be aware of the maintenance procedures that are required and what you need to do to operate the firearm safely.

Physically examine the firearm

Before purchasing any second hand firearms, make sure you thoroughly inspect them. Keep an eye out for the following keep components:

Wear and tear: With a pre-owned firearm, you should expect cosmetic wear and tear. However, any physical damage to bolts, the slide release and other movable parts may point to a faulty gun. Make sure all movable pieces are functioning as expected.

Loose parts: Shake the gun softly to make sure there aren't any missing screws or loose parts.

Jamming issues: If the seller allows, you can carry out some dry firing to ensure that the trigger works well. You can also insert and eject the magazine a few times to make sure it works as expected.

Safely purchasing second hand firearms is a careful balance between quality assurance and acceptable wear and tear to the gun.


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