Ultimate frisbee adventures

Ultimate frisbee adventures

Choosing the Right Boat for Budding Sport Anglers

Irene Hansen

As a young angler, you should know that simply having the best fishing rod in the group does not guarantee you the best angling experience. However, getting the right boat is the answer to an unforgettable fishing experience. Nonetheless, finding the right new boat for sale can be challenging considering the cost of boats these days. Therefore, you need to get it right the first time you choose a boat for your angling needs. It is imperative to consider the following questions to avoid taking home a boat that does not meet your particular needs.

Inshore, Offshore, or Both?

Knowing exactly where you will be carrying out your angling activities is critical to choosing a new boat. For instance, if you will be doing a lot of offshore angling, then an 18-to-20 foot flat boat is ideal for shallow waters. If you are tailing fish in even shallower waters, say less than a foot deep, then a 15-to-17 feet boat is your best choice. The advantage of inshore boats is that they are lightweight, but they can only take two anglers at a time. On the other hand, offshore angling requires a versatile boat that measures about 21- to 26-foot, for example, walkaround and consoles. For both inshore and offshore angling, your boat should have a shallow draft to allow shallow water angling and a deep-V shape at the front to break waves quickly when you go for deep-sea sports fishing.  

Fishing Gear?

Before making a purchase, you need to know how much equipment, on average, you plan to carry during your angling trips. For instance, how many rods are you planning to take with you on any given fishing trip? Additional gear such as rain gear, landing nets, and safety equipment should also influence the type of boat you should get. A lot of cargo requires a boat with enough storage compartments. However, if a fishing rod and a couple of cans are all you plan to carry, then a simple boat will do just fine.

Live Bait or Lures?

There are different types of anglers, for instance, those that use dead bait and those that use live ones. If you prefer using live bait, then your choice of the boat should have a livewell. Additionally, pick one whose livewell is located at the rear of the boat because you will be spending most of your time in this area. Considering the size of the livewell is critical. For example, if you plan to store as much live bait as possible, then the bigger the livewell, the better.


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