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Ultimate frisbee adventures

2 Vital Parts Of Your Second-Hand Caravan That You Should Test Out Before Heading Off On Your First Adventure

Irene Hansen

Buying a caravan is a dream for many Australians. Caravans are a popular choice for young couples, families and retirees who want an affordable, comfortable and versatile way to have a holiday and experience the many wonderful and unique destinations Australia has to offer.

Opting to purchase a second-hand caravan is often the most sensible option for first-time caravan buyers. It's much more affordable and means that you can get a more accurate idea of whether a caravan will meet your needs before committing to the considerable expense of purchasing a brand new model.

If you've just bought a second-hand caravan, then you're probably eager to head off for your first adventure in your new mobile holiday home. However, before you depart, here are two vital parts of your caravan that you should test out before you leave.

1. The awning

One of the attractions of caravan holidays is the ability to add a lot of extra living space by erecting an awning to one side of your caravan. Unfortunately, a single missing piece, such as a pole, peg or rope may mean that your awning can't be erected or doesn't function properly.

Always set up the awning completely before you head off for the first time. This way, you can identify any missing pieces and buy caravan awning spares to replace it. It's well worth having a small back-up pack which contains vital awning spares to ensure that any future camping trip won't be hindered by awning elements that are lost or damaged.

2. The appliances and electrics

Like buying a second-hand car, buying a used caravan means that the appliances and electrics aren't brand new. Finding out that your oven won't heat up, the fridge won't cool down or that the wiring is faulty are not things you want to discover as you're about to cook a meal on the first night of your holiday.

Give all your appliances and electrical features a thorough test for functionality and safety. Even better, employ a qualified electrician to provide a professional safety check on your caravan. Not only will this ensure everything is working safely and effectively, it may save you money on replacing appliances by rectifying small problems before they become big ones.

A second-hand caravan is a great way to save money and to establish whether the nomadic holiday life is right for you. Ensuring that these two vital parts of your caravan are able to function properly will make your first trip more enjoyable and less stressful.



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