Ultimate frisbee adventures

Ultimate frisbee adventures

Four Signs You Need a Gravel Base Under Your Tennis Court

Irene Hansen

If you are thinking about putting a tennis court in your yard, you will have to decide between placing the court material directly on the soil in your lawn or putting it on a bed of gravel. Wondering which option is best for you? Here's a few signs that you should opt for gravel.

1. You want to reduce the chance of weeds growing into your court.

A fabric or cloth weed barrier over your soil and under your synthetic tennis court can help to prevent the growth of weeds. However, these tenacious little plants can find a way to grow in a range of circumstances. If you want to prevent them from popping up in your tennis court, you may need to remove the soil their roots rely on. To that end, a bed of gravel under your synthetic court can be a great idea.

2. You want to increase drainage.

In some cases, you may want to analyse your soil to decide whether or not you should use a layer of gravel under your tennis court. If your soil has a lot of clay or humus in it, it will hold onto moisture. As the moisture freezes and thaws, it risks cracking the surface of your court. Additionally, the lack of drainage can make puddles appear on your court.

To minimise both of these issues, a gravel bed can help. The gravel doesn't retain water. Rather, the water runs out through the tiny rocks into the surrounding ground or towards the water table.

3. You want to prevent sinkholes.

In some cases, if the ground is not well packed under where you plan to add your tennis court, the court may end up sinking. To reduce this risk, you may want to have your tennis court installer tamp down the ground. Then, you can have them add a layer of gravel to make the spot for the court level with the rest of your yard.

4. Your area won't allow you to install a non-permeable court.

Some municipalities have restrictions on the number of impermeable surfaces you can have on your property. If your community has similar restrictions, you don't be able to put in a hard, concrete court. Rather, you will need to have a tennis court made of permeable court tiles, and those tiles will need to be placed on a gravel substructure.

To learn more about whether you need a gravel base or not for your tennis court, contact a tennis court installer.


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